The simplest way to manage developer annotations.

Don't let TODO comments turn into technical debt.

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Turn TODOs into actionable item.

No one remembers their TODOs.

The accumulation of unresolved TODOs contributes to the long-term maintenance overhead of your projects.

                TODO: Fix this later.
LeBlanc's Law - “Later equals never”

Banning them is not the solution.

Forbidding TODOs hides issues and deprives developers of a valuable tool from their toolbox.

Catana solves the three flaws of TODOs - visibility, accountability and forgettability - and helps project owners and developers take back control over their TODOs.

TODOS from all your projects. in one place.

Code, commit, push... as usual.

Catana processes and records all TODO comments in real-time, automatically assigns them to their corresponding git committers, and sends periodic reminders.

Your workflow doesn’t change.
                  TODO: Rename this function.
Expire your TODOs.

Having notification fatigue? You decide when to be notified!
Set a trigger to expire your TODO at your desired time or condition.

                    on: ‘2023-02-14’

A ticket in your issue tracker is opened when a TODO expires, helping prioritize tasks and reducing noise for you and your team.

Choose an event and let Catana expire your TODO!

A GitHub issue gets closed.

A date is reached.

A GitHub Pull Request gets closed.

... and more! See the docs

Assign and identify TODO owners without leaving your code editor.

Accountability helps ensure that TODOs are actioned in a timely manner.

Catana adds a convention that requires assigning each TODO, whether implicitly through git authorship or explicitly. The choice is yours!

                    to: ‘lea’
                    ): Un-skip this test

Receive notifications when a user departs from your organization, ensuring that no TODOs are overlooked indefinitely.

Configurable to fit your needs.

Your codebase is the source of truth.

TODO locations are updated with every code change. Never lose sight of your TODOs!

A TODO gets removed?
Catana close its associated issue.
An issue gets closed?
Catana prevents it if its associated TODO has not been removed.
Enrol all repositories with ease.
Supports all standard annotations.
Todo Fixme Bug xxx
Detects and records both existing and upcoming TODOs.
Installation in one click. No setup is required.
Detects code comments on 200+ languages.

Command Catana from GitHub.

Edit and remove TODOs with easy commands.

Lifecycle of a TODO.

Without Catana

A TODO is added.

5 years later...

It gets discovered.

With Catana

TODO is recorded.

Assignee is reminded.

TODO is resolved.

Discover TODOs across your codebases

Whether you are an individual contributor or a manager, Catana has all the features to enhance and keep track of developer annotations.

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