Catana is a TODO management companion

Powerful trigger system

Catana strength resides in a powerful trigger system to notify you at the right time, avoiding unnecessary noise and helping you focus on what's important.

Want to be notified when a GitHub issue in any repository gets closed, or maybe you would prefer to be notified when a Pull Request gets merged?

What about reminding you to address a temporary hack you added to workaround a bug in a library you use?

Lifecycle of a TODO

Catana processes and records every TODO in real-time, each time you git push changes.

Catana checks various sources to determine if your TODO is ready to be addressed.

Catana notifies its assignee.

Surface TODOs across your organization

All informations about a TODO are just a click away. When and why a TODO was originally introduced, what’s blocking its resolution, who is assigned to it...

Your codebase is the source of truth

Catana pulls its data directly from your code. It ensures there will never be a divergence of information between what you see on the Catana dashboard and what’s in your project.

Catana automatically close associated issue when a TODO gets deleted from your code. Oppositely, Catana will ensure the ticket can’t be closed if the underlying TODO still exists.

Forgetting about a TODO is pretty much impossible with Catana.

Command Catana directly from GitHub

A TODO no longer applies? No problem! Ask Catana to remove it from your source code. You won’t even need to open your code editor!

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